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Manufacturing and Technical Capabilities

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Manufacturing and Technical Capabilities

Manufacturing and Technical Capabilities

RLA Group have the capability to Toll Manufacture and Package a wide range of products in sizes ranging between 20 tonne Bulk Tankers right down to 150ml in Cartridges, Bottles and Sausages.

Our packaging capabilities include fully robotic systems designed to maximize efficiency at the lowest cost, and to ensure consistency in the quality of the end package.

Our equipment capacity ranges from 20 tonne tanks down to 200 litre pots, and we can handle viscosities in excess of 1,000,000 Cps in our purpose built Tri-Shaft mixers.

Our facilities also include a fully staffed Laboratory of very experienced Technical Managers and Development Chemists who can assist with the development of your product needs, and to ensure Quality Control in Manufacturing

With an ISO accredited manufacturing facility and capabilities in a wide range of different chemistries, including Water Based, Solvent Based and Powders, RLA Group is the most versatile supplier you can partner with to provide you with the products you need to make your business a success.