RLA Group

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About Us

RLA Group is part of the multinational Nan Pao chemical company with plant locations spread over Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Thailand and Australia. RLA Group now consists of the following Brand names the industry trusts and relies on for quality products. Atlas Tile adhesives, Aftek construction products, Atherton Plumbing products and Roberts and Holdfast Flooring adhesives, and Levelling compounds.

RLA Group has manufacturing plants in NSW, QLD and VIC and now supplies Australia in the following Markets such as the Construction industry, Hardware /Plumbing, Soft Floor covering markets, Industrial, and the Tiling and waterproofing sectors.


The RLA Group conducts business under the corporate motto of “Honest, Steadfast and Trustworthy”. We strictly comply with our quality policy under the criteria “Best Quality. Leading Technology and Best Service. We gain trust and support from our customers with our quality products and good reputation.